Crisis management must end soon out of control situation Prorail in the port of Rotterdam

14 September 2019

Major problems with the ProRail railway infrastructure in port of Rotterdam that cause a lot of customer nuisance, economic damage and loss of confidence among carriers, intermodal operators and shippers are now finally being tackled thoroughly next weeks and months. For many years, rail freight transport and its customers have been damaged by the many infrastructure failures. Over the past few weeks, the market has been confronted with a low point as the supply of a few companies in the Europoort came to a standstill and the most important shunting yard in the Netherlands for intermodal transport, Waalhaven, had and has to deal temporary with serious use restrictions. On 13 September 2019 ProRail determined that the fire extinguishing water facilities on the Waalhaven shunting yard were not adequate.

ProRail is of course held liable. It is much more important, however, that freight transport carriers continue to serve rail shippers as well as possible in a crisis management approach with ProRail and Port of Rotterdam in the coming weeks and months. This should never be a second Rastatt! ProRail must also quickly learn and apply the lessons to prevent repetition.

RailGood will boost this and ensure that concrete progress is made

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